Review of Logitech Alert 750i Master System

I received a Logitech Alert 750i Master System in a giveaway held by The Frugal Find several months ago. This is a camera security system and although I wanted a security system I can’t say that I was very excited about it. That all changed when I saw this system in action. First let me tell you a little about it. In the package there is a smart camera and the PC software. Then you just install the software, connect to your network and plug in the camera ( using your own outlets and electrical wiring to connect to your network and transmit video). You can watch live video or store video to your PC  and review the recorded video later.  A relative of mine was having some problems that made it necessary for him to borrow my security system. He mounted the camera to catch activity in his yard. He was able to view this activity on his computer at work, on his smart phone as well as having it recorded on his PC at home. So far he has found out which dog has been killing his chickens and who has been riding a four wheeler  through his front yard. I was amazed at the clarity of the video. This is not like one of those fuzzy bank robbery videos you see on TV. Everything about this system is sophisticated and high quality. I ‘m truly excited about the Logitech Alert 750i Master System now.  I could’nt be more pleased. Thank you Logitech and The Frugal Find!


About mommawj

I am a 59 year old homemaker and have been married for 38 years. I have two grown sons and am the grandmother of three wonderful grandchildren. During most of their childhood I was a stay at home mom to my sons. For that I have no regrets for I felt I was needed at home. My husband took his early retirement after working many years as first a teacher, then as a Quality and Reliability Engineer at Texas Instruments and Gilbarco. Now we are trying to enjoy ourselves in this empty nest.
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