Book Review – “Arousing Love” by M. H. Strom

I have to say I have been a sucker for books from the Romance genre ever since high school when I was introduced to Jane Eyre. Of course these days my readings are less classic and more contemporary. Usually, I read just for entertainment and you’ll always find a stack of Harlequin Romance novels by my bed.  I do enjoy mysteries, nonfiction, self help and cookbooks. For this review I read a Young Adult Romance because they seem to be quite popular. My choice was “Arousing Love” by M. H. Strom. Although romance between young teens is not my usual cup of tea, I found this book to be enjoyable and inspiring. It is about a 18 year old boy who meets and falls in love with a 15 year old girl whose family is vacationing near where he lives. The book deals with their age difference and the hard decision  to remain celibate despite the feelings that they are experiencing. Another aspect of the story dealt with the fact that the girl was a Christian  and the boy was a nonbeliever. This was a large part of the book and I loved how the author handled it. There was only one section that I felt was a little preachy but for the most part it was very balanced. I think young teens would like this book and it could be a very good book for those experiencing first love and the hard decisions they face.


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I am a 59 year old homemaker and have been married for 38 years. I have two grown sons and am the grandmother of three wonderful grandchildren. During most of their childhood I was a stay at home mom to my sons. For that I have no regrets for I felt I was needed at home. My husband took his early retirement after working many years as first a teacher, then as a Quality and Reliability Engineer at Texas Instruments and Gilbarco. Now we are trying to enjoy ourselves in this empty nest.
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