My new site

Mommaw J ‘s is a blog that is devoted to reviews and giveaways. My purpose in reviewing products and books  is to let you  know which are the best products for your money. In this economic environment we need to be not only frugal, but also wise  in our spending choices. I hope to make those choices easier for you by testing products that you may want or need  and giving you my honest opinion of them. I will also be reviewing books because reading is a big part of my life. Everyone likes to share a good book including me, so I will be sharing opinions of the books I’m reading.


About mommawj

I am a 59 year old homemaker and have been married for 38 years. I have two grown sons and am the grandmother of three wonderful grandchildren. During most of their childhood I was a stay at home mom to my sons. For that I have no regrets for I felt I was needed at home. My husband took his early retirement after working many years as first a teacher, then as a Quality and Reliability Engineer at Texas Instruments and Gilbarco. Now we are trying to enjoy ourselves in this empty nest.
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